Collections of sterling silver and gold jewellery in contemporary and classic designs.

Ortak offers limitless designs and finishes from high carat golds to the ever popular sterling silver. Some of our pieces are garnished with precious or semi-precious stones. Hot glass enamels are often used to execute our designs which are often inspired by the ever changing landscapes on our island home.

Michael and his team are on hand to help with your every need, from a simple colour change, right up to a fully bespoke piece. Our “peddie” workshop nestled in the heart of Kirkwall is open all year round to the public, so pop in and see our expert staff, who will try to make your visit one of the high lights of your trip.

Alternatively visit our gallery on Albert Street in the main hub of Kirkwall and view ours and several other members of OCA’s products for sale, or go online to our website for Ortak Jewellery, www.ortak.co.uk.