Ola Gorie

Original Orkney Design

A pioneer of the Scottish craft industry, Ola Gorie started designing and making her unique jewellery in 1960. Her awardwinning designs quickly gained approval at home and abroad, becoming synonymous with stylish, finely-crafted jewellery.

Still made here in the Orkney to the highest standards, our jewellery is sold exclusively through The Longship, opposite the cathedral, site of the Gorie family’s shops for over 150 years. Drawing inspiration from the islands’ rich history and natural heritage, Ola Gorie blends innovation with tradition to produce uniquely beautiful jewellery.

The Scottish and Celtic jewellery of Ola Gorie is a vision of inspired design and timeless appeal made to treasure in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. Ola Gorie Scottish and Celtic jewellery is made in Orkney by a dedicated team of craftspeople.

We offer the finest examples from the Ola Gorie range from traditional classics to inspirational contemporary designs.