Hoxa Tapestry Gallery

A showcase of Orcadian artwork

Mother and daughter, Leila and Jo Thomson, are both Edinburgh College of Art graduates
who chose to return home to Orkney to work. Their work is inspired by the rhythm of life and
landscape of Orkney.

The Hoxa Tapestry Gallery was built in 1996 by Leila and husband Benny to exhibit her
large, unique, handwoven tapestries. Now over 20 years later visitors are still coming from all
over the world.

In 2011 Leila’s daughter Jo and son Andrew joined the family business. Jo is a Drawing and
Painting graduate and exhibits and sells her artwork at the gallery. In addition to her original
drawings and paintings Jo collaborates on rug designs with Leila and now also hand -dyes
local wool which reflect the colours of the Orkney landscape. Andrew does much of the
picture framing and gallery administration which frees up more creative time for Leila and

Original artwork, hand-crafted rugs, hand-dyed local wool, cards and photographic prints of
artwork are available to purchase at the gallery.

The gallery is located 3 miles from the village of St Margarets Hope, 5 minutes drive from
the Pentland Ferries terminal and is well signposted. Follow the “creative trail” signs out to
Hoxa Head, past the Sands of Wright beach.