Giuliana Criscuolo

Contemporary Painter

Originally from Italy, I trained with established painters in Italy, France and the UK. I have been selling my paintings at various venues for a few years, including at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London and at the Pier Arts Centre Christmas Exhibition. I moved to Orkney from London last year to reconnect with the beauty in life and to paint the Orkney landscape.

The best way I have to explain my creative process is that the images, moods and feelings from my observation of the natural landscape somehow find their way down to the painting they were meant for. Sometimes it is almost an upside-down process, where I discover what a painting is going to be by applying and scraping back layer after layer of paint. Sometimes an early mark can dominate, dictating the evolution of the rest of the painting. Sometimes it is a combination of the two, or I lose my way, and it will be several months before I find it again in that painting.

However, it happens, it is exhilarating and addictive. My palettes stem from nature but are not limited by it. The colours have a way of calling to each other almost against my will. At the moment I am inclined to let this happen and to go with the flow and am constantly excited by the subtleties and possibilities of the Orkney light.