Beach Gallery

Art Classes and Exhibitions

Beach Gallery is next to the beach on the Orkney island of Hoy. Overlooking a beautiful bay Carolyn runs art & craft classes for visitors that take inspiration from wildlife & the natural history of Hoy. Themes include corals, shells, birds & the colours of the sea. Carolyn’s relaxed style of teaching is intended to explore abstract art & aims to free up any creative inhibitions.

A small exhibition space shows the work of guest artists. The exhibition for 2019 is a collection of shoreline bird watercolours by Adele Pound. A small shop area displays porcelain pebbles & ceramic bowls, hand knitted silk clothing, Merino felt jewellery, silk head dresses & small paintings, prints & cards.

Carolyn works in the studio & is happy to stop & chat about any of the art & craft on display. Carolyn’s own art practice is generally sculptural & with a conceptual basis. She likes to work across many different mediums using burnt wood, torn paper, or building materials.

Carolyn says, “I make art that expresses the notion of continuity & perseverance & this is a recurrent theme in all my work, whatever the medium. Im interested in how things change by undergoing trauma, often emerging more beautiful after the experience. This has caused me to create sculpture of burnt wood or cut paper & I often work back into surfaces using unconventional things such as building materials. Due to the conceptual basis of the work, I dont stick with any particular medium because I choose materials & processes that help to express the concept of continuity’.

Carolyn’s work has been exhibited & sold internationally. Prior to relocating to Hoy from Cheshire in 2017, Carolyn worked with a diverse range of community groups to run exhibitions, artists studios & creative workshops & partnered extensively with local councils & businesses on community engagement projects. Carolyn is qualified to Masters level in Fine Art & Community Arts.