ArtWorks of the Earth

Colour Expresses the Interplay of Light, Land, and History

Discovery is the thread that weaves through my life and why I paint. I discovered both Scotland and Orkney the year I lived as an exchange teacher from New York, in Paisley. During the spring holidays of 1984, I first visited Orkney. The photos taken on that visit became my inspiration for the next 20 years of painting while living on Long Island and Woodstock, New York. For years I played with and developed the idea of taking my love of sky and undulating hills and land and crossing it with vertical shapes. I discovered that there was something in the interplay of the light, land and wind of Orkney that ignited my love of colour and I found that the Standing Stones had colours within that excited me. The designs of the Neolithic world, also influence my artwork.

As a practicing painter with a fulltime job teaching primary school, it took early retirement to give me a significant amount of time to come to Orkney for an extended stay to paint.. I arrived in the winter of 2010 and within the isolation of a severe Orkney winter, I unexpectedly created a 45.8 x 6 foot long view of the island of Hoy.

I work on an oil painting to the exclusion of all else and need uninterrupted time. I use oil sticks or bars that allow me to work wet on unstretched canvas on a flat wall. I continue to work large and accept commissions for large bespoke pieces.

With the Orkney stone and landscapes dominating, I also use watercolours and watercolour white-line woodcuts prints to express my smaller creative observations. Watercolour white-line woodcut (AKA the Provincetown Print) is considered the only North American contribution to printmaking and I provide onsite instruction in my ArtWorks of the Earth.

I invite you to experience that which has brought me great joy and visit me at work in Stromness. ArtWorks of the Earth is a working studio/gallery shop reflecting the Orkney colour, light, land, sky, and the standing stones that punctuate time and history.