New contemporary collection from Sheila Fleet, inspired by the ancient art of Orkney's ancestors.

Today Sheila Fleet unveils a brand new collection which is available exclusively in Orkney at their Workshop and Kirkwall Gallery.

The new collection, titled "Lunar" originates from stone carvings found at the Ness of Brodgar excavations. These cup and ring markings were made in rough rocks generations ago perhaps to signify an important occasion. Nearby Ring of Brodgar has been described as a perfect lunar observatory, perhaps these carvings were made at full moon to follow passing time. The rough surface of the rocks is reminiscent of the moon and Sheila has recreated this ancient look through a technique known as reticulation... from ancient carvings to modern fashion.

If you'd like to find out more about the Ness of Brodgar and the summer excavations please visit and for more information.