New Commemorative Designs from Sheila Fleet

Orkney Craft Association member Sheila Fleet has designed her latest beautiful new collection, Garnet Cathedral to mark the centennial commemorations of the Battle of Jutland.

The sterling silver shape originates from a carving on an alterstone that once stood in the Cathedral. The alter no longer exists but the carved stone can still be seen in the east wall below the rose window.

Poppies: Weeping Window forms part of the national commemorations of the Battle of Jutland. Over 8000 men lost their lives at Jutland when the two of the most powerful naval forces in the world clashed. Jutland proved decisive to the outcome of the First World War. Believing defeat of the British Grand Fleet was no longer possible, the German command reverted to submarine warfare. This move ultimately drew America into the war bringing a swifter end to the fighting.

The poppies are a symbol of remembrance, a tribute to those who gave their lives in the First World War and at Jutland. Each poppy remembers a life lost. Created by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper, the poppies originally streamed down the Tower of London. The stunning display can be seen in Orkney until 12 June 2016.